chie200x200Chie serves as a support for  True Love Waits Philippines &’s website and graphic design needs.

She’s an undeserving daughter of God, met her husband Tim, through a Christian online dating website and they have been married for over 11 years.  Chie with her husband Tim met Derek & Amanda in 2011 during their short-term mission trip in the Philippines.  In 2015, Tim and Chie moved to the Philippines to serve in the field. After having their 3rd baby, Ezekiel, they decided to move back & serve God stateside to support their growing family. Now, they live in Central Ohio with their 3 kids: Gwen, Caleb & Ezekiel.

She and her husband both homeschool and disciple their kids. She desires to be a catalyst to young people and families, to live out the Gospel intentionally and lead godly lives.

She’s a child of God, a wife, a mom, coffee connoisseur & a work in progress.