Asian Impact

Since 2009, in partnership with Lifeway our Filipino staff are a part of equipping  leaders in several Asian Countries. During your trip the focus of training is Filipino youth. However, there is a possibility that you might be training leaders here in Manila from other Asian nations. Below are examples of those leaders.


In 2009 an Indonesian youth worker named Heren contacted Lifeway expressing the desire to use True Love Waits to reach Indonesian Youth with the gospel. Early in 2010, the Indonesian team joined TLW Philippines and for 3 weeks to train Heren & Ko Tim from Malang Indonesia. In 2010 while saving the lives of two boys, Ko Tim died and gave his life so that others might live.

Heren launched TLW Indonesia in January 2011.

Below is a story of Filipino TLW staff members coming to visit TLW Indonesia last November 2012.

In January 2015 Derek Ross traveled to Indonesia to speak at the True Love Waits Indonesia National Conference. More than 150 youth leaders from all across Indonesia gathered to be trained. Testimonies were shared of how God is using True Love Waits Indonesia to share the gospel, equip believers, make disciples and plant churches.

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Pastor Sunny Raul Orissa. Pray for an opportunity to equip this ministry. 

Unnamed city in China; youth workers facilitating True Love Waits

Shane & Guitar Saludez

Kosh Raj Dahal

Lipton Gain

Sri Lanka
Joseph Roshantha Fernando


It is a goal of TLW Philippine’s is to establish gospel centered works in Asia; teaching God’s plan for intimate relationships.

Please join us in praying for all that the Church is doing around the world in partnership with the ministry of True Love Waits. Some other great works around the world are True Love Waits on the continent of Africa, in the country of Cuba, in Australia and countries in Europe.  If your church would like to be involved in a mission trip here in Asia, we would love to connect with you. If your church would like to be involved in a mission trip in other countries around the world, please contact Lifeway.