Our focus is communicating the gospel to Filipino youth. To accomplish this, we will engage in special projects that you can be a part of. Upcoming projects below:


Date: TBD
Title: UnAshamed – Equipping Youth Celebrating Purity
Location: TBD
Audience: Youth 5000+
Budget Need: $3000.00

Date: TBD
Title: Leaders Guide Book Launch
Location: Manila
Audience: Christian Leaders
Budget Need: $1500.00

Designate event gift by event title


LESSON 1: Getting In Shape for Love / Shaping Others
LESSON 2: How Do I Live this New Life with God (Basic Steps)
LESSON 3: What About Mistakes I’ve Already Made (Forgiveness)
LESSON 4: Dating (Part One: Is it for me?)
LESSON 5: Dating (Part Two: Practical Guidelines)
LESSON 6: Keys to Victory over Temptation (The Big Picture)
LESSON 7: Keys to Victory over Temptation (Struggles in Dating)
LESSON 8: Keys to Victory over Temptation (Struggles with Thoughts: Porn)
LESSON 9: Keys to Victory over Temptation (Struggles with Habits: Masturbation)
LESSON 10: Enjoying being Single (Focus on Serving God)
LESSON 11: Preparing for the Possibility of Married Life

The above resources once completed, will be available in Philippine bookstores.