In 2003 Amanda & Derek landed in Manila becoming missionaries to Filipinos.

Over 17 years they have returned to America every 3 years and stayed for only 2-3 months.

During this unprecedented time, the Ross Family has the unique opportunity to furlough for 6 months. The time in America will be used to strengthen the support and awareness of the mission. As parents Derek and Amanda also desire to help their son Cannon establish himself in California.

Manila, Philippines to Los Angeles, California is an 8000 mile trip. Once in L.A. the Ross kids – Ada 17 and Eli 13 will begin their schooling online. Beyond the airfare the number one need is to locate a 2-3 bedroom house in Los Angeles. If you have contacts at a church, mission house or know a generous believer, the goal today is to connect Derek with your contact so that the family will have a place lined up by August 31.


The Ross Family will also need a vehicle by August 31. Donating or lending a preowned vehicle would be a great way to help. Another option is for the family to raise $6000 financial support to purchase a vehicle. See the graphic below for details. iPhone +639178618806

Living out of suitcases and traveling changes daily living expenses. Maybe your SS class or home bible study can support one month. However you can creatively support the Ross Family would be great. $1200 monthly